The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey (Sam Taylor-Johnson 2014)


The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has become one of the most popular bla bla bla. Like the books. Then it is also very speculative. like the books. And that is okay. It’s just that the speculation upon womens (and gay mens) most primitive emotions are very badly hidden. The books and the movie trailer (which is all I ever want see of this movie) kind of makes primitive emotions more primitive, until they are merely silly. In movies, that are not explicitly adult movies, the speculative approach to the audience has to be well hidden if it is to be truly, cleverly, respectably speculative. I watch this trailer, and merkt die Absicht, (feel the purpose of the producer/ director) and I get depressed. I don’t like the feeling of being some kind of piano the directorpeople play on, but of cause I am, and any viewer are bound to be. It is just so important that we are kept a little more unaware of it.

I do not at all enjoy watching the primitivity displaying onscreen, and it irks me  to see that this is a brand created and designed perfectly (too perfectly, as when perfect bickers and fall into heartlessness) for the group I belong to:

We are presented for some kind of woman- child, exactly the woman we like to see ourselves as when we are at our most self- pitying/ glorifying mood: Beautiful, clever, and innocent like the holy Maria. Then some mystical man- person appears, with his head cut off by upper part of lens. When his head finally is allowed to ascend  down to the screen it is completely out of focus, like our eyes are filled with frustrated tears for not being able to see the wretched face of this character! We become very curious, and we are driven to keep watching, allured to think this man has deep complex secrets, and many people may forget the secret hidden is just the plain view of his facial features. Then the trailer proceeds like a machine unto playing upon our desire to be recognized. Ah, allways dreaming of it: He acknowledges instinctively (as every man really should have done, if the world was fair!) that this school- uniform- clad grown up woman is hugely interesting as person, you can see that from her cleavage. But then, when his OK face is at last given to us, and we start to loose interest in the nothingness displayed before us, we understand that it is with man with dark secrets we have to do! How exciting! With special us (as projected into poor miss Steele!) we can heal him, make him whole and happy again, and then we have a purpose to our lives too! We will promptly show him true love, read as sex. (Most women basically feel in this pattern, and pity them who have not during their upbringing and education learnt to steere this not so constructive emotions, an inheritance from who knows what age, and keep sending letters to murderers and dark- secret –holders that sits in prisons)

And then the dark secret is revealed, and that is allready in the trailer! Mr. Gray is a sado- masochist, mostly on the first term of the word, it seems. And that is saying a great deal of his complex personality, or….? He’s got a room with a key, baby brother to ol’ Bluebeard that he is, but it is filled with sex toys, not former wives, so then I believe Christian Gray is not so much in need of investigation from my side as I first thought. But the director and writer and a lot of other people do not agree. This affliction (??) of his, they want us to believe, and some want to believe, is a testament


to Greys tormented, diversity- ridden soul. By this point I am satisfied, to the point of a little sick, and not in need of any sensual movie any more, thank you for the trailer!

Bluebeard art by Alykam Burdzaki



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