The Virgin Queen (TV mini series 2005)

BBC’s 2005 version of the not so new but latest attempts on depicting the story of  the maybe quite lonely life of Elizabeth the first, is by far the best Version I’ve seen. The Cate Blanchett – queen of 1998 and 2007 was highly believable too, both as young and virile and as tragic and bald, but the director Shekar Kapur managed to screw it all up in the second movie, where he had started something that at least worked as a classic Hollywood romance/ period drama in the first. The HBO series of 2005, starring  Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons, whom we all must respect, seems a little bit too small, like it was filmed in an upper middle class living room or something.  And the queen here is just so well, so unblinkingly sure of herself that it kind of takes the sting away from the plot. The BBC series , on the other hand, with its ecstatic soundtrack (Medieval Baebes) and lingering, painful and almost ugly tragedy, will prevail for a while. Except for the single- minded glorification of the protestantic tradition in Great Britain, this series is well made, where it is not merely shining, and it is beautiful, and horribly sad.



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