The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Peter Jackson 2014)


Peter I *smack* still *CLANG* love you *crash*

And I will never stop. I Love your middle- earth movies, and I love you. And after this third instalment It was for a moment completely unclear for me if this love is blind or clear- sighted. I think, somewhere far underneath the heartache I now feel, as I say farewell PJs middle earth, that I am disappointed over this last movie.

However, I don’t think it’s only my inclination towards escapism, to dream myself alternate worlds that has made me love the Middle Earth films. I do not think it is merely my too- rich imagination that create the very alive beauty of these movies.

Because I would not have been able to feel this love and dedication to a fictional universe without it being alive to its creator. It is alive for him, and he love the characters that live inside it. You are inside a shared and loved reality when you watch these movies, and you can feel the respectful dedication from thousands of fans brush against your skin when you move through it.

So I was trying to be disappointed. But after all I am unable to. I realize that it is absurd to be disappointed, it’s like being disappointed over something that just is, like the sky or your child, or it’s even so absurd as being disappointed for being loved. PJ gave us his love, by making these movies, and probably he receives a lot of love for his work, too, and experienced it during the making of the Middle Earth films.

In this friendly climate that surrounds the LOTR and the Hobbit trilogy, it feels out of place to start complaining or hating, even if I did feel a little estranged to some elements, in the last film particularly, like the giant worms and the conveniently spawning battle goats. But you know, I feel estranged to my own husband too at times. For example he prefers flying a drone to flying in a real plane, even though he has a plane certificate. I do not understand. Nevertheless, the reality that is created around the two of us us is a place where I can be happy. But I am disappointed at times, I am, disappointed inside this world.

In a similar way, I can be disappointed over the BOTFA, but the movie is, after all, creating the reality where I can be disappointed in. It is because I believe in, and love, PJ’s Tolkien universe, that I can be disappointed over it. And who has made me believe and love?

Its Peter, Peter. That little boy. That wise man.

I need to say one more thing that probably will seem more like Tolkien -blasphemy than anything else will, to some haters and homophobic. But as it is stated: they have already been paid in full. So I’m not sorry to say it is the truth:

It is a story in the film told under the lines, that tears in the lining of the soul. It begins in the second movie, in the darkness of Mirkwood, when Bilbo is caught unawares by his own love for the One Ring. Martin Freeman plays out this subtle but central plot in a way that is incomparable genius, and his performance adds abysses of depth to the seemingly mainstream blockbuster third- hobbitfilm. Freeman and PJ reveals that their story is a tragedy, that the happy ending we yearn for sure as any prophesy will slip between our fingers. Bilbo Loves Thorin, and secretly with more passion than what (after Middle Earth standards…) is appropriate for the occasion. Freeman have himself remarked upon Bilbos lack of sex life/ libido.     Now there is no lack any more. Bilbo has finally become a whole character, more whole than the literary figure ever was.

Although I am not so sure of Mr. Armitage, I actually see Thorin as a straight dwarf. This is a one- sided love- affair. One – sided, but no less acute.

Martin Freemans as the hobbit shows us what real love feels like. Witness, just the kinda thing Tauriel wishes to have no more of: When Thorin dies, we watch Bilbo crying out, and then place his homeless love on the ring, like it somehow comprised the memory of his hearts king.

Then he loves it with fierce passion and great misery ever after.


Thorin x Bilbo by DG


king thranduil by Hogan McLaughlin









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