Botanical garden surprise


so sweet you play

you play on a higher note

velvet black coal piece trousers

so dark green

my nosetip at your belly

thin cotton shirt

the strings under the upturned board

flipped the flat world

turned up the other side


mSLb botanical garden, Ringve museum july 2017



Princess Mononoke art by Lancing Chen: Lancingloveprints


Thinking about a feminine man

I once said I think I am a gay transsexual man in a womans body. I don´t think no more about that, or that is what we would become, the two of us combined. I loved you but you need to be loved as a woman, so is it possible for a heterosexual woman to talk to your inner girl, so that you can feel thouroghly loved, not only for your manly side, or do a transsexual man, a male lesbian, need to be together with a female lesbian to have his whole person loved, if that is at all possible for anyone? When I watched your interview I thought that your femininity made you even more attractive but you had to be a man for me to desire you in the first place. And at first I assumed he was gay, HELLO, how can you assume he is gay, (Btw: Being gay is not a problem here in the sivilized world) haven´t you noticed how much more he radiates when he is adresses by that woman in the audience, irrationally, I feel flattered by these selective charm – waves, even if they do not actually hit me more than I hit on you, moreover, I used that considerable radiation as a fuel that got me through my exams in mathematics! Alive!

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