Thinking about a feminine man

I once said I think I am a gay transsexual man in a womans body. I don´t think no more about that, or that is what we would become, the two of us combined. I loved you but you need to be loved as a woman, so is it possible for a heterosexual woman to talk to your inner girl, so that you can feel thouroghly loved, not only for your manly side, or do a transsexual man, a male lesbian, need to be together with a female lesbian to have his whole person loved, if that is at all possible for anyone? When I watched your interview I thought that your femininity made you even more attractive but you had to be a man for me to desire you in the first place. And at first I assumed he was gay, HELLO, how can you assume he is gay, (Btw: Being gay is not a problem here in the sivilized world) haven´t you noticed how much more he radiates when he is adresses by that woman in the audience, irrationally, I feel flattered by these selective charm – waves, even if they do not actually hit me more than I hit on you, moreover, I used that considerable radiation as a fuel that got me through my exams in mathematics! Alive!

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